It’s Never Too Late to Overcome Procrastinatination

overcoming procrastination

What is procrastination?

It is very simple, it is putting off or delaying an action to a later time. Procrastination is one of the biggest challenge you will have to overcome.

For some reason, there is an emotional reaction when it comes the time that we have to do those things that needs to be done and we keep putting off. It is important to acknowledge that this is a big problem that can hurt us in many ways. Today was a wake up call for me, I have opened my eyes and realized that I have to do something about my procrastination. I started to see the consequences for being a big procrastinator, and I have decided to put a stop to it.

Causes of Procrastination

There are so many reasons why we procrastinate, these are just a few:

  • Time Management
  • Being Lazy
  • Overwhelm
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Lack of Discipline
  • Perfectionism
  • Indecision
  • Lack of Focus

After taking a look a the above list, I can definitely say that my procrastination issue has a lot to do with having problems managing my time, it is very clear that I am not focusing myself on what is important, and apart from being lazy I am constantly convincing saying to myself it is not perfect I don’t feel like doing it.

I have become an expert at making todo list, an expert at using all kinds of to-do applications available out there, such as:

  • My Outlook Task
  • My Blackberry Task
  • Google Task
  • Ipad Reminder
  • and more …

OMG, I just don’t want to keep naming them all. It is a shame. But at this point, at don’t want to keep thinking about what I have been doing to myself by procrastinating all this time, instead I am going to concentrate on different ways to eliminate my procrastination problem. I know that some of the cures are challenging to implement, but they’re effective. If I really want to tame the procrastination beast, I will need something stronger than just a quick-fix. Unfortunately, this problem will not be going away on its own. I will have to work hard to overcome procrastination, and I have already taken the initiative.

I have read so many great articles on the internet on how to stop & overcome procrastination, and I would like to share them with you:

Overcoming Procrastination:

After reading so much about this topic, I have gather a few tips which I am planning to stick to in order to stop & overcome the horrible habit of procrastination. I know it will be hard, but I am planing to start by taking baby steps.

To Avoid Becoming Overwhelmed:

I will break big project, big tasks into smaller tasks. I will start completing each smaller task one at a time. Review my to-do items and cut them as much as I can. Avoid having more items on my to-do list than I can reasonably complete.

To Avoid Laziness:

I often procrastinate because I feel too physically or emotionally drained to get things done. If I feel down or unmotivated like I sometimes tend to feel on what I call rainy days or grey days, I will disrupt this habit/pattern and I will abduct the “Just Do It” Attitude! But most importantly I will remember myself the consequences of procrastination, and I will bring the image on my mind of how good it feels to achieve that “peace of mind.”

To Avoid Lack Of Focus:

I will minimize distractions. I will start paying attention to myself when I get the urge to switch to a different task. Avoiding distracting myself by checking emails, facebook or twitter.

  • Before Lunch Time: Go over my task list, so when I come back from lunch I will know exactly where I left off. Avoid eating heavy lunch. This is a must : )
  • Before Leaving Work: Before leaving work each, I will make a list of the work tasks I need to accomplished the next day.

To Avoid Lack of Motivation:

Reward myself. I read something very interesting on the zenhabits blog, where Leo Babauta share the tips that works for him. He calls this tip the 30/10.

  1. He first make a list of the things he can not make through the day without. For example, check emails, check facebook or twitter.
  2. Then he sets a timer for 30 minutes, and work for 30 minutes straight without stopping until the timer goes off!
  3. After the 30 minutes, you get to do any of the activities on your list from step No.1 That means that the next 10 minutes on the clock will be reward time.

Books on Procrastination:

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